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All our timber windows and doors are installed with high efficiency double glazed units carrying the British Standard Kite Mark, which are guaranteed for 5 years.

All our double-glazed glass can be made with safety, obscure tinted and decorative glass, long with a wide range of Georgian, Quadra and Bonded bar options.

Our double-glazed units will be tailored to your individual requirements and specification.  All units can be made in a variety of thickness and with different colour spacer bars.

As with our joinery, we specialise in recreating traditional leaded glass and stunning contemporary panels into our units, without compromise to modern day requirements.  To do this we have a wide range of lead styles, glass textures, films and a large selection of colours to help us authentically recreate your existing designs.  From original window or door, we can take detailed rubbings and photographs of the existing glass and suggest the best matching colours and textures.

For stunning contemporary designs, we can incorporate many elements into a panel, from bevels and fused glass to colours and sandblasting. All our glass is unique and handmade to your specification.

Upon special request, we are also able to incorporate other styles of glass such as stained glass.

People use the term stained glass to refer to all types of decorative glass but the term only really applies to hand painted, kiln fired glass.  By fixing glass paints, enamels, and silver stains permanently to the glass surface by heating to a high temperature in a kiln, we are able to reproduce beautifully ornate glazing using truly traditional methods that could last hundreds of years.